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by JL Gaddi

Dolphin Watching Magpalawantours 2Finally crossed out two adventures on my bucket list, but before I blabber about these two escapades, let me tell you, celebrating your birthday in the middle of the ocean, seeing or experiencing something for the first time and doing those two things with your friends are one of the best ways to have a good time on your special day. Despite all of the gloomy things that are happening around it’s nice to reward yourself with an adventure with your best pals (most especially if it’s your birthday).

I have always wanted to see a dolphin, yup, you read that right, I’ve never seen a dolphin in my 20 years of existence. But now that I turned 21, fate has given me the opportunity to see a dolphin, or rather, A LOT of dolphins on my birthday! Given the chance to try out Magtours Dolphin Watching venture was a great experience. It’s a two-enjoyment package of sightseeing and dolphin watching.

The weather was perfect, giving us a faultless chance, not only to see the dolphins, but to take nice pictures as well. We had an awesome tour guide too, very informative and had that cool sense of humor. The whole 1 hour boat ride was a mix of learning, trial and fun. Learning – because we got a lot of cool facts and details about dolphins and it’s habitat and a few other things about the ever so beautiful city of Puerto Princesa.

Dolphin Watching Magpalawantours 3Trial – because taking photos and videos of the dolphins are honestly a tough job but worth it once you get that perfect shot! And FUN – simply, because it’s FUN! If you’re that adventurous type of person, this is something worth trying.

The second adventure I got to experience is Magtours Firefly watching, it’s amazing that for 1,100 pesos, you’ll taste and experience a true Filipino cuisine and a breath taking time seeing fireflies. Now, this is something I recommend for those lovers out there. Having dinner on a floating restaurant, watching the sunset and going on a firefly watching adventure is no doubt, perfect for a romantic date with that special someone.

The hosts were very welcoming and the food was DELICIOUS! The floating restaurant comes with a buffet, so before heading to the fireflies you’ll munch on a good set of dishes, definitely leaving you with a happy tummy. I enjoyed the floating restaurant so much, because not only did I get the chance to eat good dishes, I got to watch the sunset at the same time too, my company and I had a great time catching up and enjoying the view.

Dolphin Watching MagpalawantoursAlthough, taking photos of the fireflies was really hard, seeing them was a great experience already. There are some happenings in life that only you can explain the happiness that you have grasped and no matter how many times you share it to others, only you can understand how amazing and fun it felt. (Not being dramatic or anything) But what I’m saying is, these are one of those experiences, which are worth keeping in mind FOR LIFE.

All in all, my experience with Magtours quests are AMAZING! I ended the day both happy and sad. Happy for the new adventures experienced and sad because it’s done, but who knows, maybe I’ll go on another adventure like this in the future. I totally recommend this to all you readers out there. It’s worth a space on your bucket or getaway lists! Before I end this entry, I would just like to thank Magtours for an amazing and fun experience. My birthday wouldn’t be this fun without this, so thank you.